Waist Beads & Bracelets

All of the waist beads featured on this site are handmade by my beautiful aunt who lives in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Each waist bead is named after a strong willed, influential, pioneering woman in my life!

Traditionally worn underneath clothing as a rite of passage and to display womanhood, waist beads have become a modern body accessory.

They have many different meanings and significances: healing, rejuvenation, form your body into a particular shape, fashion, track weight loss (if you gain weight the waist beads will roll upwards, if you lose weight they will sit lower on your body), encourages body consciousness similar to the way lingerie does because only you know that you are wearing something beautiful and enticing, symbol of femininity, and balances your chakras.

All of our seed bead bracelets and anklets are hand made in Sierra Leone, West Africa. They are named after African queens, goddesses, and rulers. May we know them! May we learn about them! May we celebrate them!